You guys my theme for my segments’ music all this week is ‘80s MOVIES SOUNDTRACKS!🤗
*If you can guess both movies the songs are from for the intro & outro every day you get a prize 🎼
It will not be obvious btw. I refrained from Thompson Twins, for example.

Emily Compagno@EmilyCompagno

Happy Monday! ♥️🗽
It’s going to be a great week: I’ll be co-hosting @TheFive every day-
You’ll get me M-F alongside the OG crew @DanaPerino @greggutfeld @JesseBWatters @TheJuanWilliams
*Join us @FoxNews 5pmET ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️❗️

Ron Hansen was a former US Army signals + human intelligence officer, working for DIA as an intelligence case officer. He speaks fluent Mandarin + Russian.
This asset gem sold Top Secrets to the Chinese after they recruited him. He’ll serve 15 years.🐀

This is the reality. When costs increase, people do not recycle. When costs increase, it burdens working families. So people make choices.
See Yale survey: 68% of people would not pay $10 per month to ‘combat climate change’:

For fiscal dumpster fires, CT, IL + NJ take the cake:🔥
-Chronically underfunded pension plans: <50% of assets needed to meet future liabilities. -Unanimous general-obligation bond grades below AA credit rating
-Pay insane more to borrow than everyone else

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