Emily is a legal and sports business analyst, blending her experience as a practicing attorney, sports reporter and former NFL cheerleader. She provides frequent, live on-air legal and sports business analysis for national networks and local television stations, and contributes regularly to sports radio shows and digital sports magazines. Emily has also covered PAC-12 sporting events as a reporter and hosts professional sports features and FanSpeak segments.

Emily has practiced law in a multitude of areas and has a wide breadth of legal experience. She was a federal managing attorney for one of the top ten largest government agencies; a civil litigator; and a criminal defense attorney. She has equal credibility on and direct experience with topics spanning federal/government (including budget, efficiency and waste, nexus with Congress, public accountability and transparency, etc.), union, labor and employment, regulatory, administrative and agency, contracts, civil, and criminal issues. Emily externed for the Honorable John T. Noonan, Jr. at the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in San Francisco, and worked abroad in both Cape Town, South Africa and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Recent and relevant topics she has covered include: Hillary Clinton State Department classified emails, the New York prison break; numerous federal court rulings; FIFA/DOJ-FoJ; UNC/NCAA Notice of Allegations; Federal spending bill/government shutdowns; Cuba; Sony hacking/North Korea; Senate bills; the U.S. Supreme Court justices; the Tsarnaev, Aurora shooting, Monfort, Aaron Hernandez, and Molly Conley murder trials; NFL and MLB topics: NFLPA issues (“Deflategate,” NFL personal conduct policy and individual player case implementation, concussion litigation, PED suspensions, pain medication class action, O’Bannon class action, etc.), NFL-DEA investigation, NFL cheerleading labor lawsuits, stadium relocations, etc.; and more.

She was a NFL cheerleader for several years while simultaneously practicing law, and served as Captain. She held additional honors of visiting the troops throughout Iraq and Kuwait as part of a performing NFL military tour and serving as one of four NFL cheerleaders selected to represent the NFL during the launch of NFL China in Beijing and Shanghai, China.

She is based in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area, with regular commutes to New York City and Los Angeles.