September 3, 2015

AMERICA TRENDS with Dr. Gina Loudon: Deflategate and the Tom Brady Ruling in Depth

From America Trends with Dr. Gina Loudon: “Attorney and Former NFL cheerleader Emily Compagno ( @Compagn0 ) joined Dr. Gina ( @realDrGina ) on America Trends […]
September 2, 2015

FOX BUSINESS Cavuto Coast to Coast: Deflategate and the Tom Brady Ruling

FOX BUSINESS Neil Cavuto Coast to Coast: Legal analysis on Deflategate and what ruling we can expect for Tom Brady. September 2, 2015.
July 24, 2015

FOX BUSINESS Lou Dobbs Tonight: Hillary Clinton Classified Emails & Federal Privacy Ruling

FOX BUSINESS Lou Dobbs Tonight: Legal analysis on Clinton email scandal and federal pocket dialing right to privacy ruling with legal analyst Mercedes Colwin. July 24, […]
July 10, 2015

FOX NEWS Happening Now: Juvenile Contempt Order & Councilman Bank Robber Shooting

FOX NEWS Happening Now with Jon Scott: Legal analysis with Fred Tecce on the Judge Gorcyca juvenile contempt order and City Councilman George Forgeng chasing and […]
June 23, 2015

FOX NEWS Lou Dobbs Tonight: Charleston Shooting & NY Prison Escape

Fox News Lou Dobbs Tonight - Emily Compagno legal analysis with Lis Wiehl on NY prison escape and Charleston shooting/Dylann Roof prosecution 6/23/2015